Land Management and Conservation

Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council has established a programme known as ‘Stepping Stone’ with a partnership with Greater Sydney Local Land Services (GSLLS). The aim of the project is building a productive and socially aware community to control the environmental destruction taking place across Deerubbin LALC’s lands.

This programme aims to train a multi skilled work force for conservation and land management while additionally providing a cultural heritage training platform that goes over and beyond providing the basic land management fundamentals.

The program incorporates local knowledge of Aboriginal cultural heritage and fauna and flora to service the large expanses of non-urban country abundant within the Deerubbin LALC boundary.

The program seeks to provide an avenue for local aboriginal people to acquire the skills and knowledge to develop a service for local businesses and other land holders, with a unique blending of modern practice with a recognition of past, present and future of the Aboriginal community.

The program covers the fields of:
1. Aboriginal cultural heritage assessments
2. Aboriginal heritage training
3. Aboriginal perspective of the landscape
4. Asbestos removal/control
5. Endangered plant species/communities
6. Erosion sediment control
7. Feral animal control/identifying
8. Researching
9. Rural fencing and weed control