For the first three decades, Deerubbin has prioritised building its land base. We have been tremendously successful in securing a large and diverse amount of land for our members and for the Aboriginal community of Greater Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Our Community Land and Business Plan (CLBP) for 2016-2019 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Deerubbin LALC.

It builds upon the successes and the lessons of the last 30 years of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983, both for Deerubbin and for the movement as a whole.

Our attention, through this Plan, is now squarely focused on how our land base can be used to strengthen the position of Aboriginal families in our area and build hope for our community as a whole – through celebrating and strengthening Aboriginal culture, through supporting those in education, through businesses and greater employment, and through building partnerships with organisations that share this ambition.

The energy and enthusiasm of our members and our community, and their involvement and ideas, will truly drive the success of this Plan and of Deerubbin itself.