Submission requirements for IndigenousX contributors:

  • We are only accepting submissions that have been either commissioned or previously solicited by us. We ask that all other articles/stories/ideas are pitched to us in a 300-words or less summary for consideration.
  • Submissions to be emailed to and cc’d
  • Your submission should be contained in the body of an email, below a bold heading marked, “Copy:” rather than in a Word doc or any other attachment.
  • Article word limit is 800 words max.
  • Text should be left-justified.
  • Your article should be written for a general audience. Avoid footnotes, the numerous forms of academic citation and bibliographies. We ask you to provide relevant hyperlinks to all quotes, references and factual material instead.
  • Please provide a full URL for ALL hyperlinks. Include the URL in the body of your copy beside the appropriate text. Please DO NOT submit an article with hyperlinks already inserted into the text.
  • Before submitting, we strongly encourage you to have a friend or colleague read your article.
  • Images to be included in your article must be provided separately, or outside of your copy. If they are not your own original images, you must have all necessary permissions to use the images, provide us with contact details of the owner/creator of the images, and provide us with clear credits and any other necessary information related to the images.  High-resolution images in jpeg format will only be accepted. We generally use no more than 3 images per article.
  • Author to provide a brief three-line biography and a high-resolution headshot photograph.
  • Each submission must be the author’s original work, must be exclusive to IndigenousX, and not be under consideration or published elsewhere.
  • Please provide your phone number as well as your best email address at the tail of your submission. Contributors will be invited to Google Docs to complete and finalise any articles that require additional drafting after submission.

Thank you,

IndigenousX Admin