Customer Centred

Allows for client requirements and the output they value to be front and centre throughout the entire design and development process.


Being agile allows for a lean development process to take place which is iterative and transparent


The scrum process allows for us to be transparent within and beyond our team to provide a constant cycle of engagement around create, review and feedback process and identifying successes and challenges and presenting next steps

Connected & Collaborative

To allow for a customer-centred solution to be developed, the process we follow is collaborative and transparent. We conduct this through ongoing rounds of feedback, engagement and workshops which provide insight into customer requirements. This process ensures that there are no surprises and that expectations are being managed effectively throughout the entire phase of the project.


Culturally appropriate design

We are experienced in working with Indigenous artists and creatives to re-appropriate artworks & designs to develop brand presence, brand guidelines and applications without losing cultural significance.

Impact driven outcomes

Because NGNY actively invests in Indigenous talent, any project that NGNY is engaged in directly impacts the local Aboriginal community through the employment of our team.Leveraging technology to showcase, teach and enhance Our culture will ensure future generations will be able to consume Our culture and keep it alive.

Indigenous network

We are actively engaged in seeking out and working with other Indigenous businesses and creatives. We understand the importance of enhancing the Indigenous supply chain and are in a position to advise organisations on where other Indigenous talent can be integrated into projects.

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